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We deliver more than cash. We deliver peace of mind

About Our Services

Secure Transportation. Exceptional Service.

Customer service is our top priority, security is our expertise.

CashMan is a locally owned and operated Armored Transportation company in Utah and Idaho that specializes in security and customer service. CashMan transports everything from Coin & Currency, Diamond & Jewelry, Precious Metals, Art, and anything of high value. Our highly trained guards are professional, happy, and enjoy making customers happy.

Who We Serve:

Banks & Credit Unions

Car Dealerships

Colleges & Universities

Entertainment Venues


Retail Outlets

Armored Transport

CashMan armored services

Securing Cash & Valuables

CashMan operates a fleet of armored vehicles that have been retrofitted with the latest technology and ballistics. CashMans vehicles operate with live look-in cameras, lockers, secure idle, high security locks, one-time code locks, GPS devices, and a host of other technologies. You can feel confident we take every precaution to ensure your cash and valuables are safe.

Included in Armored Transport Services:


Banks & Credit Union branches


Smart Safes


Payment devices




Interactive Teller Machines



Cash Management

Cash Counting

CashMan utilizes the latest technology to count and verify funds. CashMan operates three high speed 9 pocket currency sorters capable of handling thousands of dollars per minute. Our highly trained staff utilize this technology to increase efficiency and lower costs. CashMan also operates a sophisticated system of coin wrappers, coin sorters, conveyors, and boxing techniques to manage coin inventories.

What’s Included in Cash Management Services:


Same day funds counting


Federal Reserve processing


Quick coin turnaround


Cash and coin storage

CashMan armored services

Smart Safes

Smart Safe

Cash Management System

Simply put, a Smart Safe is a Cash Management System. A smart safe consists of 3 critical elements.. 1. Cash Validator 2. Connected Website 3. Steel body

Benefits of Using a Smart Safe for Your Business:


Track everything by user


Increase workplace safety


Enhance operational efficiency


Eliminate internal cash shrinkage


Improve cash flow

Additional Armored Transportation Services

Secure Pickup, Delivery & Storage

Federal Reserve

Cash Vault Storage

Self Service Coin

Payment Kiosks

Diamonds & Jewelry

Precious Metals

Secure Storage

Secure Vault & Reporting

CashMan operates a fully staffed secure vault for complete outsourcing of a financial institution’s coin, currency, credit card stock, and other valuable items. CashMan’s building security is “above industry standards” as stated by several auditors and insurance companies. Additionally, CashMan hosts custom software for reporting and maintaining records of all transactions including ATMs, branch deliveries, deposits, and many other transaction types.

Benefits of Using Cashman:


Secure website


ATM Reports


Deposit Reports


Cash ordering


Coin Reports

Secure Storage

Our Clients

A few happy customers:

“Brighton Bank has used CashMan for over ten years. Their ease to work with, including being more nimble and accommodating than other armored and equipment service providers, is the primary reason why we work with them. My favorite part of the Cashman relationship is the availability of the executive team. Whenever there is an issue I know I can talk to decision makers that can get things done quickly.”

Mike Jensen – Brighton Bank
“I’ve worked with CashMan for several years at two different credit unions. They are responsive to inquiries. When problems do arise, they are quick to bring it to a resolution. They are also willing to take on our unique cash situation. Being able to talk directly with Aaron and Collin has been extremely helpful. I know that when there is a problem, I can always talk with them.”

Satisfied Customer

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