What if there was a company that...

...took your branches into the future, to the next level of banking?

What if there was a company that...

...empowered your institution to reach new heights of success?

What if there was a company that...

...brought you the best of new technologies and old-fashioned efficiency and dedication?

What if there was a company that...

...orchestrated a harmony of the finest in technology, equipment, and services, redefining banking to the customer?


We are CashMan

Proven Solutions in the Financial Industry

CashMan, a service based organization with a financial industry focus, since 2007 provides equipment, processing and technical services to banking and retail clients, addressing their needs for new and refurbish industry equipment.

As a leader in organizational service, CashMan has integrated secure armored transportation and vault processing with client oversight to create an unprecedented service signature between CashMan and our clients.

Good old fashion service, meeting the needs of our clients, setting the goals and vision of their organization as our priority, whilst building an organization of trust and integrity. We embolden our clients with the tools and equipment to carry out their day to day operations; we value technological advancements within our industry which advances security and efficiency; plan for the future, organize for structure which secures the foundation.


Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.Because we are Reliable.

Cashman strives to preserve the quality of "Good Old Fashion Service" by exercising the following standards for each of our clients. These standards are:

  • Commit to meet the needs of our clients
  • Setting our goals and visions based on the client's priority, whilst building an organization of trust and integrity.
  • Empower our clients by providing tools and equipment to carry out vital day to day operations.
  • Educate ourselves and implement technological advancements within our industry in order to enhance our client's security and efficiency.
  • We plan for the future by actively organizing and structuring procedures, thus securing the foundation to build a better more efficient institution for our clients
Why choose Us?

Our Mission.To Take Your Branch to the Future.

Our Primary objective is to certify CashMan as the only premier service organization for financial institutions that supports the overall vision of our clients and to be the all-around asset for your day to day operational needs.

Why choose Us?

What we Do.Make our Customers Happy.

CashMan is the superior financial equipment and Armored processing organization. We provide services for Armored Transport, Vaulting services, Security, Processing, 2nd level Technical work and the only Cash-Guard system in the industry.



Some of the services that CashMan offers


Providing operational support to financial institutions in demanding times.


Reaching heights of workmanship, by clearing the path to pure service.


Meeting the demands of interactive relationships with persistence and determination.


Direct client account interaction closing the necessary loop to accuracy and accountability.


The ultimate cashflow structure, centured around PCI compliance for dual control. The only branch-to-branch dynamic armored build based on the needs of our clients. Built for the branch of the future.


Reaching levels within organization providing safe and secure operational environment.

What We Use

Our State-Of-The-Art Equipment