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About Tech Services

Customer service is our top priority, secure technology is our expertise.

CashMan began operations in 1996 as an ATM service company and we have not forgotten our roots. We service all types, makes, models, and sizes of ATMs including the latest Interactive Teller Machines. Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs) have also become a staple for CashMan.
Over the years, we have increased our service capabilities to include all branch cash equipment, branch security, and safes.
Recently CashMan has added Smart Safes and commercial cash devices to their list of technical services offered.

Who We Serve:

Banks & Credit Unions

Entertainment Venues

Convenience Stores


Retail Outlets

ATM 1st & 2nd Line Service


Troubleshooting & Repair

ATM 1st and 2nd Line Maintenance is the core of our business. CashMan currently has several of the most knowledgeable techs in the industry. Their primary focus is keeping the customer happy and keeping the devices running.
CashMan utilizes several different methods to achieve our uptime goals; SLAs, remote management, and industry knowledge.

What’s Included in ATM 1st & 2nd Line Service


All Inclusive Pricing




No additional "excluded" expenses





Cash Recyclers

Technical Service

Cash Recyclers play a major role in the branch of the future (or now). CashMan utilizes the latest technologies to keep your cash recyclers functioning and available. We understand how critical a role they play in a branch or store and make sure our SLA matches that requirement.

Highlights of the Recyclers


Remote Management


Software Updates


External Loading


Direct Manufacturer Information

Cash Recyclers

Smart Safes

Smart Safe

Keeping the World Safe

A Smart Safe is a Cash Management System. A smart safe consists of 3 critical elements.. 1. Cash Validator 2. Connected Website 3. Steel body
There is a lot of technology built into these very compact devices and we have highly trained technicians who troubleshoot, repair, and ensure they are operating efficiently. CashMans goal is to keep your smart safe operating at 99% uptime. CashMan only sells the highest quality safes to ensure that you can keep your employees safe, your cash safe, and operate as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of Using a Smart Safe for Your Business:


Track everything by user


Increase workplace safety


Enhance operational efficiency


Eliminate internal cash shrinkage


Improve cash flow

Branch Transformation Machines

ITMs, ILTs, and ATMs

Branch transformation refers to the process of reimagining the traditional banking model by adopting digital technologies to enhance customer experience and increase operational efficiency. This is accomplished through the installation of Interactive Teller Machines, In Lobby Teller Machines, and connected ATMs. CashMan is in the forefront of servicing these machines and providing knowledge on how to properly deploy this technology.

Unique features of Branch Transformation Machines:


Video Conferencing


Extended hours


Operational efficiency


Cash & check deposits


Enhanced security

Branch Transformation Machine

Safes & Locks

Safes and Locks

Traditional Security

CashMan sells and provides technical support on all types of traditional security systems such as Drive Up Drawers, Tube Systems, TL-15 Safes, TL-30 safes, safe deposit boxes, and all types of locks. Our service technicians work with a variety of lock and safe manufacturers to provide exceptional service.

Types of Locks:




Sargent & Greenleaf


Kaba Mas


Safe deposit box


TL-15 Safes


TL-30 Safes

Our Clients

A few happy customers:

“I have been working with Cash Man for 2 years. Their service, prices, and safes are the best in the industry. I purchased safes from CashMan and every-time the safes stop working, they are very quick and efficient to repair them.”

Ahmad Moalej – ARM Management – Carl’s Jr.
“We were experiencing delivery delays and balancing discrepancies, after reaching out to management they confirmed they had staffing turnover and that they would work with their team. Since then, we have seen significant improvement. We rarely see late deliveries, and when we do we are notified. Balancing discrepancies have also significantly improved. Management is always kind and willing to listen. The vault manager reached out to me personally to walk me through a process on the website we weren’t sure how to use. You can tell they all care about the company, their employees, and their customers.”

Satisfied Customer

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