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Front Office / Hiring

What are delivery hours for the front office?
The front office is open for deliveries Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 5 PM. Holidays that the front office is closed: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Indepence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas
What is the phone number to reach the front office, transportation dispatch or the vault?
How to apply for employment with CashMan?

Send resumes to

What are the qualifications to work for CashMan?
Each department has specific qualifications needed, but a clean criminal history, motor vehicle report, and credit report is required for all positions.
Is Cashman a good Company to work for?
If you want to enjoy your job and work hard at the same time, you will love it at CashMan.
Does Cashman offer benefits to its employees?
We offer traditional and non traditional benefits to our employees. 401K, Paid Time Off, Sick Leave, Health Insurance Assistance, and many others. We also provide Gym memberships, access perks for discounts on all sorts of every day things, flexible schedules, and the best work environment.


What types of Customers/Businesses do you work with?
All types. We work closely with Banks and Credit Unions, Government and Universities, as well as many retail businesses – restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, etc. Any business that handles cash
What is your coverage area?
We cover all of Utah, Idaho, and the Western edge of Wyoming.
Are you insured?


Do you repair equipment?
Yes, all types. ATMs, Smart Safes, Recyclers, Tube Systems, Currency and Coin Equipment
How many years have you been in business?
Over 25 years! Only 2% of small businesses in the US stay in business over 20 years and have over 25 employees. CashMan is healthy and growing.
Are you locally owned?
Yes, we are a local business that started in Provo, UT. Cashman is a Privately owned company and both owners reside full time in Utah.
What makes Cashman different from your competitors?
Unbelievable Service and Competitive Prices. We answer the phone and resolve your concerns quickly and efficiently.


What way does CashMan accept coin?
We accept bagged coin and occasionally boxed coin.
How do I order more bags?
Why does the driver always arrive at different times?
For security and safety reasons, our routes vary every week. We use dynamic routing.
Where do I submit my order?

Cash orders are submitted through your Cashman Central secure login.

How do I get more service orders?

You can email to order more service orders.

How do I bag coin?
Refer to our CashMan coin selling guidelines. Please email for questions.
Where is my change order?

If you ordered coin, then it will be on your manifest and delivered to your location on the requested date. If you didn’t receive it on the requested date, contact

Can you take coin?


Do you have any receipt paper?


Can I get an updated roster?
Yes. The roster can be found through your Cashman Central secure login.


Why is our coin deposit from our branch wrong on the CashMan Ledger?
We investigate the issue and then fix the ledger if we find the discrepancy was our mistake. If the discrepancy was the branch’s mistake, we let them know, correct the discrepancy, and send them pictures to describe the situation.
Is there a set schedule for service areas?
We coordinate with the Transportation Department to accommodate client requests for services.
Are emergency orders permitted with short notice?


How do I sell coin?

Refer to the CashMan coin selling guidelines. Email our Vault department for the guidelines –

How do I sell contaminated money?

Refer to Federal Reserve standards for selling contaminated money. Email our vault department for a link.

Can you adjust our cash order we just placed?

Yes. Email

Where can we order straps, bags, service order paper?

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